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Chantelle Good


Toronto, Canada


My movement style is:

Contemporary dance, but what even is contemporary? I would say that my movement is informed by years of training in multiple styles including jazz, ballet, tap, and hip hop dance forms. I’m constantly working to evolve my craft by taking class from various artists I admire; the more I learn from others, the more I learn and discover about my own artistry.


I’ve moved with:

While living in New York, I’ve moved between commercial and concert dance realms and worked with incredible choreographers including Tanisha Scott, Dana Wilson, Al Blackstone, Alexandra Damiani, Loni Landon, Stacey Tookey, Kate Harpootlian, and Emma Portner. I’ve also danced for recording artists including Jennifer Lopez, H.E.R, Blood Orange, iskwē, and Snoop Dogg. I feel extremely fortunate to work as a freelance artist in a field that allows me to put on many different hats and constantly challenge what I believe I’m capable of. 


I share because:

Empowered individuals create empowered communities and I think of movement is a way to reclaim our voice both literally and physically. As a young Black female dancer, I was constantly told I had to look, dress, and move a certain way in order to fit in with my peers. I was always unsure of what I wanted to pursue in terms of a career path, as I never saw myself represented in the dance spaces that were deemed as “success”. When I finally found confidence in my own skin and used my embodiment as a form of liberation, it felt as though a new world opened up; one where I could speak my truths and be heard while being seen. As an educator, that is what I strive to create for my students: a safe space where everyone is free to be their full selves and  explore their own curiosities. Young BIPOC dancers deserve the access, resources, and support needed to achieve whatever goals they have created for themselves, rather than the goals imposed upon them by someone else. That is exactly what Share The Movement provides and that is why I’m honored to be a part of this community. 


Find me sharing at:

IG - @chantelle_good 

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