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Tiare Keeno


Spanish Fork, Utah


My Movement style is: 

Ballet! I'm very passionate about redefining the aesthetic of ballet to create a more inclusive approach to the form. My movement style also revolves around contemporary work which is such a broad term! I'm deeply influenced by my training in jazz, modern, and hip hop/street dance and ultimately allow my personal aesthetic to continue evolving with every new inspiration! 


I’ve Moved With: 

Nevada Ballet Theatre, MGM and ScenoPlus Productions, Al Blackstone, BODYTRAFFIC


I Share Because: 

I believe in the responsibility and cyclical power of giving back. I want to help pave a path for the next generation - creating space for them to use their voices and nurture their unique talent and passion as others have done for me. To learn, to empower, to create, to share - that's why we're all here! That's what brings value to me as an artist. 


Find Me Sharing at: 

Instagram: @tiare.keeno

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